Accepting payments on your website for non-e-commerce businesses

When it comes to our typical clients, we aren’t always just doing web design projects in Ireland for local businesses in the way most of us perceive it.  What I’m about to share with you next is not very obvious for most businesses outside of the e-commerce space. Ready?

Every business can have a simple way to accept payments online!

Want an example? Here you go.

One of our clients is a matchmaking agency, and they often work with clients all over the world (yep, the Irish aren’t the only ones looking for their best half). So, they came to us with a request to help them accept payments online without building a fully functional e-commerce system.

We’re happy to oblige.

So we ended up with two simple payment forms. The first one is for specific membership packages. Choose the package, enter your personal details and payment card details, submit, done.

The other form is for a scenario where the amount is not fixed. Say, you’ve negotiated a price for the service and need a quick way to receive a payment but you don’t want to deal with cash.

Just pass the link to your website to your client, tell them the amount and wait until they finish the transaction.

payment form without e commerce site

Here are a couple of typical questions:

  1. What payment gateway are you using and is it going to take a lot of my time to secure a deal with them?
    We typically use ourselves and recommend Stripe. They’re a very well established company providing their services in the majority of the largest countries, and their reputation is quite impressive. Years ago the challenge was that they primarily served clients in the US, but now most of the developed countries are on their list. All you need to do is to register an account, which typically takes less 5-15 minutes. Somewhere along the way, they will ask you to upload a few documents to verify your identity and proof of your business, but, it is nothing complex if you’re running a legit business.
  2. How do I know if the client has paid?
    There are multiple ways you can check. First, you can install Stripe mobile app and you’ll receive a notification on the app when the payment is received. Second, you will receive an email notification from the system we’ve built into your website. Third, you can always check your website or by logging into your Stripe account. It’s all very easy.
  3. When and how do I receive money in my account? Are there any commissions involved? 
    Currently, Stripe in Ireland transfers money to your account after 7 days automatically. If you’re not in Ireland, just check on their website. Also regarding the fees, here’s the link you may want to check.

Well, in short, that’s about it.

If you’re interested to set up your own payment forms on your own website, let’s talk.

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