New website launched for Abundant Impact training company

When the popular NLP and sales training company Abundant Impact approached us with their web design needs, all they had was their brochure.

But brochure, in fact, was all they needed since their goal was to have a brochure-type one-pager website (aka landing page).

One of the things we at Web Design and SEO Ireland ask our clients before starting the job is “what’s the outcome you’re after? …let’s assume your website is live, then what?”

And, if the answer is – we put the URL on our business cards and brochures, and that’s all there is… well, then so be it. Clarity is the key.

After all, our businesses are different, our goals are different and not everyone needs a sophisticated web design and many months of SEO project management.

Sometimes a simple, clean landing page with a few subtle animations is all that’s required.

The job was done within one week, the clients are happy. Time to pop the champagne.

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