New website launched for Anthology Storytelling

Some of the web design projects are kind of predictable, easy to understand, even common, if I may say so. Website for a plumber or photographer is easy to grasp.

Anthology Storytelling came to us as a surprise with new realizations and new learning.

Who would’ve thought that there are large amounts of extremely intelligent people who love to write stories TOGETHER?

Many of these people are big names in the entrepreneurial world, top managers of large firms worldwide. What’s common to all of them is the love for the stories and the love of creating these stories together as a group.

Big thanks to Ruediger Drischel who enlightened the team of Web Design and SEO Ireland on this topic and provided us with the great opportunity to contribute a simple, clean website for this project.

On behalf of our team, we’re wishing the best to Ruediger and all the story writers.

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