SaikrisTechDairies Investor Pitch Web Design Case Study

Somehow, lately, we’re being approached to provide our web design services by many entrepreneurs looking for investors.

Our job here is simple, to take their investment pitch (usually pdf or PowerPoint) and turn it into a web design project, to impress their investors.

Our first iteration of SaikrisTechDairies was much more sophisticated, with tons of animations and creative modules, like dynamic, moving charts.

Unfortunately, we had to tone it all back to the very basic looking website as the client (Mr Nash) was afraid he’ll get in trouble with the authorities due to not using the official, approved investment pitch deck.

So, now we have a 3D flip-book version of the pitch deck + all sorts of galleries and blog functionality.

In any case, the project is finished and launched live within less than a week.

Good luck, SaikrisTechDairies and Mr Nash.

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