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Need more top quality leads for your business? You are in the right place. Read on how we rank local business sites to generate leads for you.

On behalf of all the Web Design and SEO Ireland team

Thank you for your interest in our Search Engine Optimization services in Dublin

Who knows, this simple step might be the start of a steady flow of top quality sales leads for your business willing to part with their money in exchange for your products/services.

After all – from our experience building and ranking hundreds of business websites in different industries not only in Ireland but all over the world, the quality of leads that comes from truly relevant search queries can be compared only to referrals. Period!

Don’t believe us? Then how can you explain that Google AdWords will charge us EUR20 per CLICK for search terms like “SEO specialist Ireland”, “local SEO services” or  “SEO consultant Dublin” and SEO agencies are paying those.

Ranking on top of Google is awesomely rewarding, so let’s talk all things SEO, shall we?

I’m Uldis Zalcmanis (aka Uldis Biz), the founder and obsessed SEO specialist. Hear me out.

I promise simple language and tangible, profitable results (sales, revenues, cash register goes cha-ching) instead of marketing slang and vanity metrics (followers? leave them for narcissistic pop-stars… we’re in business to sell stuff, aren’t we?).

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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
How can SEO help? And why should an entrepreneur in Ireland like yourself even bother?

Wikipedia says: “Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of web pages in organic searches.”

So what does it mean exactly?

SEO means getting more traffic to your website by making sure that when people type keywords into Google they find your site first.

Let me simplify it for you and put it in lamen’s terms. I’m an idiot when it comes to many other industries, so I like to dumb things down to a 12-year old level. This way you don’t have to pretend all that marketing mumbo-jumbo makes sense.

Let’s say you’re an SEO consultant like me. Your best clients will come from referrals.

Yes, most of our clients come as a result of our clients being super-happy about the mutually profitable collaboration we have. Now, these are the best, and they aren’t coming from search engines. However, apart from just delivering a great service and occasionally reminding over a pint of beer that you appreciate referrals… there’s not much you can do. 

Search Engine Optimisation is the next best lead source after referrals.
End of discussion

Why? Think about it… when you are looking for a provider of a certain service, say an SEO specialist in Ireland. What do you do?

You ask around… and you Google it. Don’t you? Well, the rest of us do 😉

Organic search results + Google My Business rankings on the first page of Google will generate you those sweet, sweet leads that most smart business owners can’t get enough of.

Most of us do not go past page one, so in the example with the search term “SEO company Ireland” we’re either on page one or we are “lost in cyberspace”, it is simple as that.

If I didn’t convince you yet, next time you do an online search and approach a service provider notice which search engine rankings grab your attention… (hint: closer to the top of page 1).


Why choose Web Design and SEO Ireland as your SEO digital marketing specialist?

Show me the proof!

Call me superstitious or call me weird but I don’t understand how Irish SEO companies do not fear publicly displaying their clients and their rankings.

You may not like it but ultimately what people like us (SEO experts) do – manipulate Google to rank higher our clients and their web properties and Google Maps placements.

When we publicly start displaying our client search engine rankings two things can happen (and they often do):

  1. It can trigger a manual Google review of these websites. Then an employee of Google will start scrutinizing everything going on with that site, often leading to penalties and a drop in rankings (bye, bye sweet sales leads).
  2. Competitors like me will start paying way too much attention and actually feel compelled to throw you off the throne. Maybe it’s just me but I often throw my resources to outrank someone just because they’re boasting all over the Internet how invincible their SEO strategy is [muhuhahahaaaaaaa].
With that being said

Our Search Engine Optimization work pays off

Here’s a screenshot from the Google Search Console in the financial industry (some of the most competitive keywords).

SEO strategies we implemented led from 400-500 impressions to 10,000-20,000 impressions/day in less than 3 months and growing.

We got there within less than 3 months after the client was dealing with an SEO agency for 3 years, and they couldn’t get there.

Yes, I’m bragging. Hate me if it’s your thing but I’m proud of what I do and what impact my efforts have on the businesses I work with. My site, my rules 😉

Are these results typical? No. Numbers depend on locations, industries, competition, what’s your current state of affairs when it comes to SEO etc. IT’S A COMPLICATED STUFF WITH A LOT OF MOVING PARTS.

What I do know is that I’ve been generating organic traffic in different locations and different industries for years for my own businesses and for my happy clients. I can show you plenty of proof upon a private call.

Ask me about “Business Fight Club” if you want to rank faster and cheaper 😉 


Frequently Asked Questions

First, let me say, no one in this world knows EXACTLY how Google search engine algorithm works, however, there’s plenty of research and testing done to identify the key elements that matter.

Typical things and SEO specialists would do include a combination of the following:

  1. Keyword research. This includes identifying which words are used by people searching online for products & services similar to yours. It also involves finding new ways to use existing terms so that they become more relevant to your business.
  2. SEO audit. An SEO audit helps determine whether your website has any issues that could be affecting its performance in search engines.
  3. On-page SEO. On-Page SEO refers to changes made directly to your web pages’ content and HTML code to help them appear higher up in SERPs.
  4. Technical SEO. Technical SEO focuses on improving the user experience across devices such as desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile platforms. These improvements may involve making sure your site loads quickly, error-free, and securely; using structured data markup where possible; ensuring links don’t pass PageRank; and creating a good user interface design
  5. Off-site SEO. Off-Site SEO refers to actions taken outside of your website to improve your ranking position. For example, social media marketing campaigns, press releases, guest blogging, link building, forum posting, article submissions, directory listings, video sharing, bookmarking sites, blog commenting, and many others. Obtaining clean, safe high quality backlinks is one of the toughest challenges SEO firms in Ireland and worldwide face. 
  6. Content marketing. Content creation is another important part of off-site SEO because it allows you to create valuable information assets that attract backlinks and increase brand awareness. Depending on the industry and your target market agencies like Web Design and SEO Ireland either do the content writing for you or simply consult and guide you Then you have the content written internally.

SEO Cost in Ireland and everywhere in the world depends on many things:

  • Are you dealing with a freelancer, full-time employee or a digital agency? SEO freelancers typically will be cheaper since they’ve got the most insignificant overheads, however, you’re taking on a risk that a freelancer takes on more work than he/she can chew. Also, if the person you’re counting on disappears (hit by the bus?), you’re on your own.

    Contrary to popular belief, a full-time employee is often more expensive than working with an agency since you will have to pay for a lot of stuff out of your pocket (e.g. our monthly software subscription is EUR1,600).

    There’s a lot of overhyped stuff you can buy on freelance markets like Fiverr and UpWork, and it is often cheap. We do occasionally use some of these services, however, you have to be very wary of what you’re ordering and know what moves the needle and what is a waste of money at best.

    Just like in any industry, cheapest is unlikely to get you the search engine ranking you desire. What’s worse – it can even hurt you. As an example, pretty much all the cheap backlink packages you can buy online are blacklisted. Toxic backlinks in large quantities will just speed up the process of getting lost in cyberspace.
  • Have you got SEO expertise to decide EXACTLY what you need at this stage of your search engine domination plan? If so, you may save some money by following your own search strategy and outsourcing ONLY the stuff that you need to get done. It means, you’re the SEO guy/girl in this picture and everyone else is just a vendor to you. Large portion of 
  • How competitive is your industry/niche? I’ve seen companies attempting to outrank their competition by simply focusing on content creation. If you are competing against “naturals” (it’s a bodybuilding metaphor that we internally use to describe sites that rank “effortlessly”, without an SEO person actually working on them) it may get the work done.

    Unfortunately, a keyword that is this easy to obtain search engine ranking for is like a unicorn. What’s worse – most of the time it doesn’t generate significant amounts of traffic. Low competition keywords most of the time mean no one really cares about them.
  • How many keywords are you pursuing? Typically, when we work with clients, we try to avoid counting keywords and we simply tailor our action plans for complete market domination. But, hey, if you’re on a super-tight budget and just want to dip your toe in the water and test our SEO solutions, one way is to reduce the keywords and aim for less traffic.
  • Do you have your own internal content writer? If your content writer is coachable, you may save some money as that is often one significant expense that SEO agencies have to account for.
  • What type of pricing model have you agreed on? What are you being charged for? Is your Ireland SEO agency offering you a list of  “tasks” they will perform? Will they charge you hourly rates? Many SEO service companies offer SEO packages (e.g. 4 articles, 100 backlinks etc.). We prefer to either work on a monthly retainer or have some sort of equity deal/profit-sharing model. 

I know you came here for a straightforward answer about the pricing of SEO solutions and it doesn’t look like one. Apologies. 

Let me give you a few figures. Our typical monthly SEO retainer is EUR1,000+/month with some of the larger clients paying up to EUR8,000/month, however, we’ve had smaller sites in low-competition niches ranked for EUR600+/month.

With entrepreneurs that we trust, we often set up profit-sharing/equity deals.

Ask about Business Fight Club – it’ll save you costs and rank you faster.

SEO is a great channel for business growth but it is not a quick patch to your business growth problems. It takes time and patience.

I see some SEO service companies promising overnight success and I call BS.

Yes, we’ve seen it –  if you’re ranking 50 sites in one month like we sometimes do, one of the keywords may shoot to position 1 in a day or a month. Occasionally it happens. Pop the champagne and celebrate.

Also, sometimes the only reason you are not ranking is some sort of technical issue. Solve it and… boom, you’re on the top.

However, quick Google rankings are more of an exception than a norm

Like a bully kid in the sandbox, Google is suspicious of new players. By default, it doesn’t trust you. If you rush and “overoptimize”, it will hurt you more than help you. 

No matter what your Ireland SEO expert says, if we’re working together I’ll be upfront: if you don’t have the patience of 3-6 months, then better don’t start. 

Most of our clients are understanding, super-awesome Irish and International businesses with patience and appreciation for the complex work we do. But we’ve had to disqualify a few pissy, impatient “kids” that thought we own Google (“are we there yet?”).

Look, if you have the patience – you will be well rewarded. If you don’t – maybe use other means to grow your business, SEO is a very competitive marathon, not a sprint.

This is a very common question. We can get pretty close to guaranteeing SEO success but not exactly… let me explain.

It is simple. Anyone who guarantees you the #1 spot on Google is either blowing air or is delusional.

First, because rankings fluctuate and we aren’t all seeing the same results – your browser history and location affects rankings. If you check rankings multiple times a day you may see different placements.

Second, no one playing the SEO game is owning Google. We’ve heard ridiculous claims that some have a “Google insider” but it is just a dishonest marketing practice. Stay away.

Third, Google rankings are decided by sophisticated AI and it frequently changes algorithms. There are rare occasions where manual review by a human is involved, but it is uncommon. We’re mostly trying to please a machine. Changes in algorithms lead to changes in rankings.

Fourth, we don’t know the whole history of your site. For instance, if your site got hacked a time ago, it may take ridiculous amounts of effort to get it back into Google’s grace.

With that being said – here’s as close as we can get to guarantees.

We can show you the rankings of many of our clients and we can do an audit of your site and your competitors. The experience of fighting SEO wars for years has taught us enough to have an educated guess. We don’t throw words around. If, after the audit, Uldis says “we’ll rank it, no worries” it means he’s very certain – call it a guarantee. If he says “we can try but it’ll probably be difficult” he means it. Take it as it is.

Must admit, not our favourite question.

We’ve been long enough in the SEO game to know that people asking these questions are probably not going to be our typical clients.

Our typical clients appreciate the return on investment, thus stay with us for years.

While we’re all looking to save money, working with Web Design and SEO Ireland is an investment with a positive ROI.

And, if after generating positive ROI, you will still be looking to stop investing, it just doesn’t look like a sound business decision, does it? If every Euro you spend brings you two, why would you want to stop?

Remember this, SEO is a war where tons of participants are competing for a few spots. Gaining Google rankings doesn’t mean you’ll be able to maintain them.

The moment you let your guard down and expect to simply enjoy the benefits of your appearance on search engines, your competitors will bring you down.

If you are serious about your business growth, think about your SEO team as of your internal marketing team. While we’re not in your office, we’re on your side, fighting your battles for your profits!

Our efforts directly affect your profit bottom line.

The local SEO is all about getting found locally. Think about it like this – does your business appear at the top of the list of local searches?

When it comes to local SEO Ireland there are a few placements that attract your potential customers: organic search (your website) and Google My Business (aka Google Maps 3-pack).

To give you an example, if you found us searching for “SEO Cork”, “SEO Dublin” or “SEO Belfast” that means we’re doing well at the local search. Simple, right?

Well, simple, yes… easy – not. Let’s face it: companies like Increasily, Cube Digital, WebWorks and countless others are aiming for the same spot as well… welcome to the local SEO warzone.

While we do have a lot of experience working in International markets providing SEO solutions to larger companies and purely online businesses, our hearts belong to local businesses that are tired of relying on foot traffic and understand the value of a friendly neighbourhood SEO consultant by their side.

Are you the one looking for the unfair advantage? Ask about “Business Fight Club”.

A search strategy and SEO optimisation process is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Trying to find a cookie-cutter answer that works for every search term is a waste of time.

Google hires the world’s best engineers to make their AI more and more elaborate, so it can not be as easily manipulated as in 2009.

1 day!

1 day it used to take to rank for even fairly competitive keywords during these good times. But these days are long gone.

It all starts with auditing your site’s and your top competitor metrics. Think about backlinks, content, business location, traffic and other SEO metrics.

Here’s a simple metaphor: if you want a chance to outrun Hussain Bolt, look at his best effort and see how you can do better. 

We’ve been playing the SEO game for many years so we’ve built bespoke SEO tools and processes that give us an unfair advantage over the competition.

But, even with all that, every case is unique and we can’t have a simple straightforward answer that will fit everyone.

Let’s start with the SEO audit and take it from there.

Good question. SEO is not cheap, so it makes sense that you’re trying to save wherever you can.

If you have patience, good SEO & Digital PR knowledge you may enjoy doing it yourself. You may even win.

However, in fairly competitive niches it might be challenging to get the rankings.

Also, some of the SEO tools we use are bloody expensive. Our monthly software bill is EUR1,600+ but it makes sense when we’re dealing with many clients. It is hard to justify such expenses on off-the-shelf and bespoke SEO tools when you’re only ranking one site, though.

If you are considering hiring your own in-house SEO expert in Ireland, keep in mind that unless you’re in a very competitive niche targeting tons of keywords, salaries, taxes and benefits will most probably cost you more than dealing with SEO solutions providers. And, you will still need to pay for software, hardware etc. 

No, absolutely not. This is where we draw the line. 

Our job is to get you rankings that generate you sales leads but closing deals remains your responsibility.

Considering SEO leads are of very high quality (remember, they are searching for your product/service right now, so it’s actually at the top of their minds), it shouldn’t be difficult to close deals.

However, late response to inquiries, unqualified salespeople, bad reputation in the marketplace etc., is something you need to take care of on your side.

We’re always happy to help with advice but we will not be handling your inquiries or training your salespeople. 

Ok, hopefully, this doesn’t come across the wrong way… but, here’s a transparent answer – we eat for breakfast Digital Marketing Agency that’s focused on winning awards. Why?

90% of our focus goes into generating tangible results for our clients. You pay us money, and we obsess over making you WAY more money. Name of the game we play: Positive ROI not “branding” or “celebrity status”.

Remaining 10%? Yes, it’s nice to get a pat on a shoulder, a testimonial or even a cool award. But if we remain “SEO ninjas” in shadows that quietly outrank everyone in the neighbourhood, we’re happy.

Working with us should be an investment, not an expense.

If we charge you EUR1,000 and generate you EUR100,000 in exchange, we sleep well knowing that we’ve done our job well. Win-Win, right?

If you want to pay someone for the ginormous office they rent at your expense – it’s your prerogative. Web Design and SEO Ireland is a better fit for those who want the results, not awards.