Uldis Biz new website design launched

One of the things we always tell our clients – try to execute as fast as possible, get to the finish line, launch your web design project, and reiterate later.

Look, some of us are more of a kind of perfectionist than others, but being a perfectionist can get in your way no matter if you are a web design company or a plumber.

We’ve seen too many projects stuck in over-thinking and overcomplicating stuff, trying to get everything right from the get-go.

Just launch your version 1, and adjust, change and improve later. Otherwise, you’ve got time and money spent but nothing to show for it.

Uldis.biz site was built for our own founder Uldis Zalcmanis time ago. It was fine. But then we had some thoughts, ideas, some changes to the sales copy we wanted to implement.

So, we’ve launched a new website with an updated website design and some back-end features like a booking calendar.

What about you? Time for a new website? Get in touch.

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